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Spinning your own yarn is a great way to relax! Spinning also gives you a chance to appreciate the variety of textures and luscious fibers running through your fingers. The variations and imperfections of handspun yarn are delightful reminders of the spinning process—the organic nature of making yarn by hand. The experience of spinning your own handspun yarns and finding the perfect hand knitting patterns to showcase your work is a spinner's dream come true.

The five free scarf knitting patterns included in this downloadable eBook are sure to keep the spinner in you delighted and the knitter in you overjoyed with knitted scarves that are sure to become favorites. We've gathered an amazing variety of free scarf patterns, including a few easy scarf knitting patterns that offer step-by-step instructions to ensure your success in knitting scarves for every occasion. Whether you're looking for function, fashion, or simply adding to your collection of free patterns, this collection is a must-have! Don't wait another minute to download your free tutorial today!

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There is nothing more satisfying than knitting with handspun yarn and then wearing your beautiful yarn creation for friends and family. Feeling the natural texture of the fiber flowing through your fingers as you spin connects you to the creative beauty and organic nature of the handspun yarn process. Then, take the process a step further and use your yarn to create your favorite hand knitting patterns. To get you started (whether you're just learning or have been knitting for years) we've put together this beautiful collection of free scarf patterns. Whether you've been looking for a simple lace scarf, a spontaneous scarf combining different scraps of yarn, wanting to try out short rows, have been dazzled by modular knitting, or have been hoping to find a knit scarf pattern for a plush pygora, you won't be disappointed. Each of these knitting patterns for scarves stands on its own with charm and versatility.

Whether you are new to spinning and learning how to knit with your own handspun yarn, or have experience with this extraordinary process, don't wait any longer!

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Discover all five homespun yarn free patterns to create stunning scarf designs.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns: Morning Surf Scarf

Free Knitted Scarf Patterns #1

Morning Surf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

The Morning Surf is knitted in a simple lace-type structure that works up quickly because of the dropped yarnovers. The undulating design is particularly suitable for showcasing variegated yarn. This incredibly versatile pattern works well with any color scheme. Whether you use a silk Merino yarn, hand dyed yarn, or variegated yarn this pattern is sure to get your creative ideas flowing. If you love knitting with wool, download your free eBook to see many of the different variations of this gorgeous pattern that have been made.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns: Plush Pygora Scarf

Free Knitted Scarf Patterns#2

Plush Pygora by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

This luxurious adornment shows off the beauty of the pygora fiber while displaying the incredible design of this knitting pattern. Don't wait to start spinning your yarn to knit this snuggly scarf pattern. Spinning yarn by hand is truly a remarkable experience that is like none other. Turning natural fiber into handspun yarn is an amazing process that yields this beautifully textured yarn that you have made yourself. The only thing that's better than wearing something that you have made from your handspun yarn, is giving this exceptional gift to someone you love.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns: Spontaneous Knitting

Free Knitted Scarf Patterns #3

Spontaneous by Charlene Anderson

This lovely scarf pattern is meant to incorporate different pieces of yarn, from other projects or samples that you've accumulated. The different flecks of color add to the overall beauty in the simple design. Try this great pattern with different handspun yarn: Merino wool yarn, hand dyed yarn, variegated yarn, or any kind of silk Merino yarn, and see the different results. This knitting scarf design is truly spontaneous, whenever you decide, go ahead and add a little extra color. Let the fun begin!

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns: The Helix Scarf

Free Knitted Scarf Patterns #4

The Helix by Stephenie Gaustad

It's not hard to believe that seaweed was the inspiration for this amazing ruffled scarf! This beautiful handspun knitted scarf is sure to showcase your spinning abilities. Stephenie Gaustad walks you through her experience of spinning this luscious yarn on her takli. With some minor manipulation and pre-drafting, she turned a free gift of mauve Merino/silk fiber into a beautiful plied yarn blend. The pattern for this flowing feminine Helix Scarf is must-have for your knitting pattern collection.

Free Scarf Knitting Patterns: Undulating Scarf

Free Knitted Scarf Patterns #5

Undulation By Adriana Schoenberg

What would you do with 4 ounces of a richly colored luscious wool already carded into batts? Adriana Shoenberg decided to split them up into strips, pre-draft them, and spin them into a soft and stunning yarn for use on this beautiful purple piece. Made from wool, alpaca, mohair, and silk, this colorful knit scarf is sure to become a favorite you'll reach for on chilly days!

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With this eBook you'll find step-by-step instructions to help you make your own knitted scarves! Take knitting wool scarves to a whole new level with these incredible patterns. The experts at Spinning Daily have also included essential spinning tips and tricks for each of these free knitting scarf patterns. Whether you are looking for a bright and colorful scarf to knit or a hand dyed yarn pattern, this eBook has everything you need. These handspun knitting patterns will have you wearing the scarf you made, with one of a kind handspun yarn. It doesn't get any more satisfying than that!

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Realize your creative goals and let the experts at Spinning Daily and Spin-Off magazine help you along the way! Whether you are an experienced spinner and need inspiration for a new handspun yarn project or a beginner spinner; we are here to inspire you to use your handspun yarn in creative new ways. Increased creativity is an important component for a happier you! Get started with these free scarf knitting patterns from Spinning Daily today.

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