The Ultimate Guide to Spinning Wheels

Learning to spin on a spinning wheel is tricky! How can your body do so many different things at the same time? One hand pinches, one hand pulls, and your feet pump the treadle. What a lot to think about at once. This is why SD has put together this free eBook dedicated to spinning wheels. If you learn each step in the spinning process before you put them together, spinning will be easier. Let the experts at SD walk you through the process with this free guide on the art of wheel spinning.


Introduction to Spinning Wheels: Free eBook on How to Use and How to Choose a Spinning Wheel + Bonus Guide on How to Ply Yarn


What’s inside?

A yarn spinning wheel is a magical tool, and so much fun to learn how to use! Think of all the wonderful ways you can use the yarn you will have handspun! This free eBook from SD includes advice on how to get started, how to choose the right tool among all the spinning wheels available, and where to buy your first spinning wheel.

Introduction to spinning wheels

How to Use a Spinning Wheel

By Maggie Casey

Learn what it takes to get started making yarn, with expert advice, clear instructions and detailed illustrations. Maggie recommends starting with wool as it is the easiest fiber to learn on and it is widely available.

Practice drafting
Drafting is the process of pulling out some of the fibers from the mass. This is the most important step in spinning because as you draft the fibers, you form the yarn.

Practice treadling
Treadle to keep the wheel going. Practicing will allow you to build momentum and keep the wheel going in the correct direction.

Introduction to spinning wheels


By Denise Jackson

When things go right in spinning, life is beautiful and effortless. When things go wrong, we mutter nasty things to our fiber and wheels. Instead of getting angry, stop, take a deep breath, and relax. What is really going on? We all have problems whether we’ve spun for forty years or four days. Solutions are simple if you know the troubleshooting possibilities. With your free eBook on spinning wheels, get solutions to common problems like:

  • Spinning wheel goes backward
  • Spinning wheel is hard to treadle
  • Yarn won’t wind onto the bobbin
  • Flyer won’t turn when the spinning wheel is treadled
How to find the perfect spinning wheel for you

How to choose your first spinning wheel

By Rudy Amann

There are many spinning wheels available, and all of them will add twist to fiber and spin yarn. But some spinning wheels will be a better match for each spinner. In addition to price, there are some important things to consider that can usually narrow the choice to just a few wheels. Rudy walks you through the different factors to consider when choosing a spinning wheel:

  • Which hand is your orifice hand and which hand is the fiber hand?
  • Where will you be using it?
  • How much space do you have?
  • How do you position your feet on the treadle?
  • What fibers and what type of yarn will you be spinning?

The appearance of the device can be an important factor as well. You should enjoy looking at it. Download these tips and good luck finding the perfect one for you!

Directory for buying a spinning wheel

Buying a Spinning Wheel

Roundup compiled by Pattie Graver

Our Fall 2008 issue included our first product roundup. We’ve taken that information as a starting point and updated and expanded it. Buying a spinning wheel is a big investment, and with all the devices on the market, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? We’ve taken a little bit of the work out of the quest
to find the right one. You will find a list of every ready-to-order spinning wheel we could find, complete with detailed product specifications. We’ve also included a small sampling of custom makers, in case you’re looking for something truly unique. Whatever your spinning needs are, we hope this guide can narrow your search and put you that much closer to finding the perfect wheel for you.

Whatever you’ll be using your spinning wheel for, you’ll find this resource helpful.

Along with your free tutorial, you will also receive a free membership to our online Spinning Daily community!


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