A Guide to Spinning Wool: Learn How to Spin Wool from Rare Sheep Breeds and Other Wool Fibers

If you are passionate about wools (aren't we all?), you're in for a treat! This free eBook is entirely dedicated to taking the spinner's perspective on these fibers by looking at three sheep breeds (the ubiquitous Border Leicester, the Wensleydale longwool and the rare-breed Jacob), studying the texture and colors of their fibers, and walking you through how to prepare wool for spinning. Along with intriguing stories and fun facts, each type of wool is also presented with a beautiful project. This fascinating information on how to spin wool was compiled exclusively for our Spinning Daily members. Don't wait; download your guide to spinning fiber from these unique breeds. It is completely free.

In this free guide to yarn from rare sheep breeds and other wool fibers, you will learn in-depth history and characteristics of these three sheep breeds. Associated with each sheep breed is a beautiful hand spun wool project. You will explore the proper methods for washing, wool carding and handspinning wool depending on specific sheep breed characteristics. Learn about different types of wool fibers, the importance of different breeds, and the ideal projects these fibers can be used for.

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Whether you are just learning how to spin wool or are experienced in the art, this eBook is packed with fascinating information and helpful tips for spinners of all skill levels. You'll see the unexpected variety – from wool that feels like jute to wool that stretches and bounces back like tiny bungees. Do you enjoy spinning wool, but have never bothered to think about how to approach each fleece or wool differently?

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Free slippers project made from Jacob wool

Spinning wool from rare breed sheep

Wool for Spinning: Border Leicester

By Robin Russo

  • Today there are three distinct breeds of Leicester: the English, the Border, and the Blueface. Get to know the Border Leicester in this eBook.

  • This fiber has a 6- to 12- inch staple. Although traditionally white, Border Leicesters have been bred for many wonderful natural colors ranging from silvery gray to a rich brown.

  • Drumcarders are excellent for long wool. It is helpful to pick the fleece prior to feeding it into the drumcarder.
Rare breed sheep for handspinning wool

Wool for Spinning: Wensleydale Longwool

By Carol Huebscher Rhoades

  • Wensleydales are a dual-purpose British longwool breed originating in 1839 as a cross between a longwool ewe and a Dishley Leicester.

  • Most of the Wensleydales are white-wooled but the breed registers also have a section for colored-wool sheep.

  • A key feature is the lack of kemp, a desirable quality passed on to crossbreeds from the Wensleydale.
Spinning wool from rare sheep breeds: a guide

Wool for Spinning: American Jacob

By Jeanette Larson

  • Many people like to link the origins of this rare breed of sheep to the Old Testament story of Jacob, who was given all the spotted sheep and goats from his father-in-law's flock as payment for shepherding.

  • Jacob fleece is really all-purpose and can be used for everything from hats to rugs.

  • The variety of colors, length, and texture is almost endless.
Free project for spun wool

Project for Spun Wool

Bond Bon Bon Bowler By Susan Z. Douglas and adapted by Judy Alexander

A soft, fine Bond fleece purchased from Joanna Gleason at the Estes Park Wool Market came back from processing in lovely pin-drafted coils perfect for spinning with a long back ward draw. The resulting woolen-spun singles were plied into an airy three-ply, then slightly fulled for structure and a soft surface. The resulting hat is warm and light.

The editors of Spinning Daily have compiled a guide to woolen yarn with colorful images, tips and beautiful projects. Download this FREE eBook to start hand spinning wool and enjoy the free projects for each type of sheep fiber.

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