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Selah Barling–cashmere

This two ounce skein of yarn is cashmere. One ounce was cream, the other gray, and I dyed them with Procion acid dyes in the original batts. Then I teased them, spun them into singles and plyed them together into a fingering weight yarn. They make me think of frog-pond green. I wish the picture…


hand spun navajo-plyed alpaca

This is hand-spun alpaca from the fleece of Alpaca Huacayas raised in Brittany/ France/ Europe. It is a three-ply yarn. The yarn of the ball on the right side is thicker. I made a helix scarf with it, which is a little bit too "heavy" since Alpaca has not much elasticiy. I spun it with…


Madder Dyed BFL lace weight

Fiber used is Madder dyed BFL from "A Verb For Keeping Warm". Singles spun on Schact Matchless (single treadle) and plied for a nice lace weight yarn. Pattern from a Japanese knitting book "Vintage Knitting in Tradition". Pattern is "Bells through the leaves". I'm using 2.00 mm needles but could easily have gone larger.


Amy’s Entrelac Hat

I made this entrelac hat with two yarns, a singles BFL dyed by Dragonfibers that I bought at her etsy shop, and a Merino/Tencel singles dyed by Bonkers Handmade Originals that I purchased at her booth at the Estes Park Wool Market last summer. I spun from bobbins to keep the singles from getting too…