Spin-Off Spring 2012

In this issue, Kate Larson explores color blending by flick carding locks and with this process she created the lovely colorwork knitting on the cover. We have included two articles about recycling yarn from garments; imagine the treasure trove of awkward luxury fibers at local thrift stores begging to be reborn into something you'd actually wear. We also have a number of fascinating articles—including one by Jacey Boggs about the mechanics of spinning on a wheel and how exactly twist is inserted into fiber and another by Peter Teal in defense of using wraps per inch to measure your yarn. The fiber basic focus this issue is on Lincoln Longwool and the issue includes two projects that take advantage of the wool's unique characteristics (a dog leash and market bag). The issue also explores Bedouin spinning in Qatar, creating a fiber map of your area, and much more.


On the Cover:

Golden Hour Bag


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Recycle: The urban fiber harvest
by Judith MacKenzie

Bedouin in the Big City
by Tracy Hudson
Photo: Tracy Hudson


Behind the Scenes: At Yarn Barn
by Jacey Boggs

Armchair Traveler: Donegal County, Ireland
by Deb Carpenter-Beck

Spinning with Children: Creating connection, igniting the spark
by Ercil Howard-Wroth

Bedouin in the Big City
by Tracy Hudson
Correction: The caption for Photo 3 (p. 49) should say, "One of Umm Hamad's weavings, made from her handspun yarn". Tracy's first weaving is the black and white one Umm's working on in Photo 2.
Creating a Fiber Map for Your Area
by Betsy Alspach


Spinning on the Stoop and in the Studio
by Marcy Moffet

This Cashmere Life
by Toni Gilbert 


Spinning Tips: Wraps per inch: A defense
by Peter Teal

Spinning Basics: The twist stops here
by Jacey Boggs

Reincarnation: Sweater to socks
by Kathy Augustine

Recycle: The urban fiber harvest
by Judith MacKenzie

Fiber Basics: Lincoln Longwool
by Deborah Robson
Additional Resources 

Flicking and Combing Painted Locks
by Kate Larson 


Lincoln Leash
by Deborah Robson

Beth's Market Bag
by Beth Smith and Denny McMillan

Golden Hour Bag
by Kate Larson
The original chart was missing a row, the updated chart has 32 rows. On Page 94, it should read: Begin working Rnds 1–32 of Golden Hour Chart. At the top of Page 96, it should read: Repeat entire chart 2 more times (96 rnds.) A total of 107 rnds will be worked after turning ridge for bag body.


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Your Yarn: Barber poles and mud

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