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This issue is all about color. There is a lot of great information about how to work with color-how to dye with natural and synthetic dyes, how to blend for color, and how to combine colors of yarn you already have on hand.

Karen Pike takes advantage of receiving a less-than-desirable fleece from eBay to explore different dye techniques. Katie Weston shares her process as she creates a batt matching the colors of an inspiring photo Michelle Boyd offers tips for using the color wheel to blend solid-color roving to create the deep complex colors traditionally used in tweed fabrics. For this issue, we also interviewed a number of fiber artists whose work is notable because of how they work with color. If you've ever doubted your ability to work with color (and even if you haven't), you'll love their tips and ideas for breaking boundaries and overcoming fears. Plus many more unique approaches to integrating color in your spinning.

Projects include a shawl created using different strengths of the same dye, color study potholders, a hat that uses three different natural-colors wool dyed in the same dyepot to create a gradient effect, and a photo translated into rug hooking. 


Recent Issues

  • Spin-Off Spring 2010

    Judith MacKenzie’s scrumptious article on page 62 about spinning a plump silky singles starts with a description of weavers as basically falling into two camps: those who love the structure and order of weaving and those who love weaving for the color and texture.

    Spinners lightbulbs will pop on when they read Abby Franquemont’s article about the difference between bobbin-driven and flyer-driven wheels (page 44) and others whose eyes will glaze over until someone waves a lock of raw wool under their nose to revive them. Some spinners will take Amelia Garripoli’s article (page 40) with them as they purchase a new spindle to reference the finer points of spindle weights, while others will let their instincts guide them in their purchase.

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2009

    Spinning the Wild by Judith MacKenzie McCuin;Fiber Basics: Polwarth by Robin Russo; Swatching and Sampling for the Oatmeal Cardigan by Amy King; Coils: Adding to Your Art Yarn Repertoire by Jacey Boggs.

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  • Spin-Off Fall 2009


    Behind the Scenes: At Ten Thousand Villages
    by Stefanie Berganini

    Armchair Traveler: New Jersey by Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten

    Your Yarn: Natural Fiber from Scratch Yarns

    Spinning Art: Handspinning as Creative Expression by Tracy Hudson

    Fiber Basics: Scotch Mule by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

    Handspun Gallery: All Wrapped Up in Natural Fibers

    Raising Cain by Liz Gipson

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2009


    Armchair Traveler: Sweden
    by Ingrid Brundin

    Spinning in Lithuania: The Ties That Bind by Donna Druchunas

    Boimimcry: Humans and Nature Design a New World by Judith MacKenzie McCuin

    Yarns of Love by Chris Spitzer

    Fiber Basics: CVM - Otherwise Known as California Variegated Mutant by Robin Russo

    Hanspun Gallery of Quants

    Book Excerpt: Spin Control by Amy King

    Enchanted by a Spinning Wheel by Judy Ross

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  • Spin-Off Spring 2009

    High Whorl, Low Whorl by Abby Franquemont; The Handpainted Wheels of Monica Lenox by Jackie Deems; Spinning Perfect Sock Yarn by Judith Mackenzie McCuin; Dorothy Reade: Spider Woman from Oregon by Donna Druchunas.

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2008

    Serendipitous Spinning with Batts by Shannon Okey; What to Look For in Handpainted Fiber by Amy King; Spinning for Beginning Weaving by Jane Patrick; Fiber Basics: South America’s Wild Ones, Vicuña and Guanaco by Kaye Collins.

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  • Spin-Off Fall 2008

    The Great Spinning Wheel Roundup; Handspun Gallery of Baby Surprise Jackets; Spinning Basics: Drumcarding by Robin Russo; On Washing Fleece by Judith MacKenzie McCuin; The Cloisters Sweater by Sarah Swett.

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2008

    A Conversation between Judith MacKenzie McCuin and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee; How to Choose Your First Wheel by Rudy Amann; Spun 2 Ways: Old Shale Lace Triangle Shawl Design by Evelyn A. Clark, yarns by Kaye D. Collins and Judith MacKenzie McCuin; Handspun Gallery of Morning Surf Scarves.

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  • Spin-Off Spring 2008

    Wrap-and-Roll: A soft-core yarn from a hard-core spinner by Bonnie Rose with Sarah Anderson; Cables: Demystifying the mysterious yarn by Judith MacKenzie McCuin; Traditional Danish Tie-Shawls by Dorothea Fischer.

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2007

    Fiber Basics: Gutefår by Judith MacKenzie McCuin; Spinning Locally: Finding local sources for sustainably produced fiber by Kate Larson; A Very Accurate Scotch Tension by Peter Teal; Silk and Angora: A cactus lace scarf by Cheryl Riniker.

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  • Spin-Off Fall 2007

    Fiber Basics: Gutefår by Judith MacKenzie McCuin; Spinning Locally: Finding local sources for sustainably produced fiber by Kate Larson; A Very Accurate Scotch Tension by Peter Teal; Silk and Angora: A cactus lace scarf by Cheryl Riniker.

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2006

    Making Dreams Come True: Building a Little Great Wheel by Margaret Heathman; Linen Spinning for the Shroud of Turin by Tanya Swegler; Fiber Basics: Cheviot by Carol Huebscher Rhoades.

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2006

    Estonian Hand Puppets by Anu Kotli and Carol H. Rhoades; Dyeing for Socks by Paula Egbert; Ariadne's One-Thread Jacket by Debbie New.

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  • Spin-Off Spring 2006

    Park City Poncho by Carolyn Greenwood; Teaching the Craft by Randy Chelsey; Coopworth Lap Rug by Carol H. Rhoades; Handspun Gallery of Shawls.

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