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This issue of Spin.Off encourages you to cultivate your stash like a gardener cultivates a plot of vegetables: by encouraging it to grow where needed, pruning carefully, and savoring the fruits of your labor. Is your stash a riot of color, full of mixed painted braids? You can ply it, draft it, or combine it with other colors to make beautiful yarns. Do you have small quantities of goodies? Spin them for a precious afghan or work them up into a sampler afghan. Bursting with sweater quantities? If you’re intimidated, start by sampling a small bit to discover what the fiber wants to be before diving in headfirst. The timing is perfect—March is National Craft Month (though every month is craft month at my house!).

Stashers, be proud. Get out your stash, admire it, and get ready to enjoy every last scrap of it.

Happy spinning,

Anne Merrow



Recent Issues

  • Spin-Off Winter 2006

    Making Dreams Come True: Building a Little Great Wheel by Margaret Heathman; Linen Spinning for the Shroud of Turin by Tanya Swegler; Fiber Basics: Cheviot by Carol Huebscher Rhoades.

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2006

    Estonian Hand Puppets by Anu Kotli and Carol H. Rhoades; Dyeing for Socks by Paula Egbert; Ariadne's One-Thread Jacket by Debbie New.

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  • Spin-Off Spring 2006

    Park City Poncho by Carolyn Greenwood; Teaching the Craft by Randy Chelsey; Coopworth Lap Rug by Carol H. Rhoades; Handspun Gallery of Shawls.

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2005


    Behind the Scenes: At Vermont Spindle Company by Cindy Ellen Hill

    Spinning True to Oneself by Randy Chelsey

    In Hot Water by Glenna Dean

    Handspun Gallery of Ponchos

    A Passion for Fiber by Catherine Veleker

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  • Spin-Off Fall 2005


    Behind the Scenes: At Wyatt Wheels by Amanda Berka

    Spinning Basics: Spinning on a Wheel by Maggie Casey

    The Fingerlakes Fiber Festival by Donna Howland

    Fiber Basics: Bison by Judith MacKenzie McCuin

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2005


    Behind the Scenes: At Howard Brush by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

    Time Warp by Stephenie Gaustad

    Spinning Basics: Spindle Spinning by Maggie Casey 

    Fiber Basics: Finnsheep by Grace Hatton

    Handspun Gallery of Sweaters and a Waistcoat

    Nora Meets Milan by Stephen Beal

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  • Spin-Off Spring 2005


    Behind the Scenes: At Lendrum by Cindy Ellen Hill

    Spinning Basics: The Short Draw  by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

    The Handspun Tapestries of Sandy Burstein by Laura Silverman

    Spindles and Flyers Guild Celebrates Fifty Years of Spinning around Berkeley, California by Susan Sullivan Maynard

    Fiber Basics: Black Welsh Mountain by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants  by Judith MacKenzie McCuin

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2004


    Behind the Scenes: At Schacht Spindle Company by Linda Noble and Kaye D. Collins

    An Online Guild by Susan Landis-Steward

    Materials That Speak by Erika Navarrete              

    Random Connections by Randy Chelsey

    Fiber Basics: Paco-Vicuña by Kaye D. Collins

    Spinning Basics: The Long Draw
      by Carol H. Rhoades

    Alexandra Ivanovna’s Distaff by Sharon Hudgins

    Handspun Gallery of Wraps

    Spinning a Cautionary Tale by Deborah Free

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  • Spin-Off Fall 2004


    Behind the Scenes: At Strauch Fiber Equipment by Cindy Ellen Hill

    Lustrous Lincoln by Sara Lamb, Sarah Swett, Kim Miller, Mary Spanos, Pia Cusick, and Carolyn D’Agostino

    Lincoln Longwool Gallery

    Fiber Basics: Hemp by Janet Szabo

    Handspun Gallery of SOAR Scholarship Recipients’ Work

    Lord of the Rings Cloaks Gallery

    Giving Back by Diane Bentley-Baker

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2004


    Behind the Scenes: At Majacraft

    The Spindle Guy by Cindy Hill

    New Zealand by Larissa Gibson

    Sheep in My Genes by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

    Ontario Handweavers and Spinners (OHS) Spinning Certificate by Lorraine Smith

    Making Dolls by Kathryn G. Carras

    Fiber Basics: Maine Island Sheep by Gemma Huntress

    Handspun Gallery of Precious Things

    Neighbors by Betsy Erickson

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  • Spin-Off Winter 2003


    Why Keep Sheep? by Laura Ten Eyck

    Spinning Soft Yarn with a Handspindle by Mary Spanos

    Milkweed Stalk Fiber by Carol Johnson Collins and Elizabeth Dyak

    Fiber Basics: Natural Colored Mohair by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

    A Handspun Gallery of Sweaters

    Hands by Randy Chelsey

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  • Spin-Off Fall 2003


    A Colonial Twist to Spinning in Schools by Jane Piller-Wilson and Laura Schickli

    The Watkins Woolen Mill by Beth Morimoto

    Choosing a Fleece by Judith MacKenzie McCuin

    A Handspun Gallery of Precious Things

    A Yarn to Remember by Clairelis Baxter

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  • Spin-Off Summer 2003


    The Distaff by Martha Monsson

    Teaching Spinning, Weaving, and Dyeing by Pamela Mawhiney

    Fiber Basics: Perendale by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

    Ground Fibers by Bathsheba Rose Demuth

    A Handspun Gallery of Sweaters

    Why Spin? by Randy B. Chelsey

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  • Spin-Off Spring 2003


    Color Impressions by Claudia Chase

    Making Ends Meet by Jane McLellan

    The Road to Independence by Barbara Justus

    Following the Silk Road into Mexico by Eric Mindling

    Fiber Basics: Border Leicester by Robin Russo

    A Handspun Gallery of Scarves, Blankets, and a Shawl

    A Walk on the Fleece Side by Lisa King

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