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galwaygirl2 wrote
on Feb 16, 2013 6:26 PM

I was reading one of the earlier Spin-off magazines from about 15 years ago when I was first learning to spin.  When I started I realized how much I loved the tactile part of spinning, the feel of the threads as they softly glide through my fingers, the feel of the cool wood from the hand carders that I used for hours. As time went on I purhased drum carders, saw new gadgets and read all about the art yarns everyone was making and felt I was missing something and jumped on the band wagon............but not for long. Guess I am more of a traditionalist then I thought as I didn't like MY art yarns at all. Some were  pretty and I do incorporate them into other yarns or projects  but those very fine or very straight yarns that I worked so hard to make...........thats where my love lies. I feel so relaxed and peaceful preparing and spinning this way, it forces me to slow down, feel connected somehow and appreciate spinners everywhere.  For ME, dying wool with natural materials in my small kitchen, using my hand carders and spinning fine threads gives me such peace and pleasure.  I applaud all spinners who spin those beautiful, colorful art yarns and maybe someday I will but for now......

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