The same building blocks that create the smooth, even yarn at the top also create the beaded yarn and bubble crepe at the bottom—and you’ll learn them in The Building Blocks of Spinning.

Sarah Makes Spinning Fundamentals Fun

Besides her absolutely spectacular spinning, there are two things you’ll notice immediately about Sarah Anderson: her curiosity and sunny disposition. She often asks, “I wonder what would happen if…” and then sets out to find out for herself. One of my favorites of Sarah’s experiments was to test whether chain-plied yarns would last as well…

A rainbow of mystery bobbins!

Clean Off Those Bobbins (and spin some yarn)

Cleaning my craft area was one of my holiday chores, though most of it was more fun than work. I came across old friends in my spinning fiber, handspun yarn, commercial yarn, and fabric stashes, items I’d forgotten. But as with any tidying project, there were the perplexing leftovers: samples of fiber from various classes…


Top Three Reasons to Try an Electric Spinner

Because you don’t have to sit close enough to treadle, you can position an electric spinner most comfortably for your body. You know that annoying thing that happens with your treadle wheel, when you start to treadle but the drive wheel goes backward and your yarn gets all tangled? An electric spinner always goes the…

Beth Smith teaches you how to spin more consistent yarns

How to Spin Yarn More Consistently

Beth on set in our Fort Collins studio. I have a hard time counting and numbering things–anything. My mind wanders, I forget which number I was on, and everything just falls apart. When knitting, I count stitches in increments of 5, out loud, and woe betide the person who tries to talk to me while…

More on Navajo 4-ply

We got a number of questions about Benjamin Krudwig's new technique for spinning a Navajo-style 4-ply, so Benjamin kindly put together a video to show how it's done! Read more about the technique and its possibilities in Spin-Off Fall 2015.  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Let's Play: How To Spin It?

    "Sonia Delaunay, Rythme, 1938." Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia. After a flurry of spinning for the Tour de Fleece (and warming up for Spinzilla in October!), I have been a very productive spinner lately. I’ve been pulling handpainted top out of my stash and making yarn like never before! I have, however,…


Spinning Training

1. Sarah Anderson demonstrates taking a bite of fiber for a slub in her video Building Blocks of Spinning. 2. Slowly allow the twist to roll into the freshly made slub. 3. Slub yarns can be so even that you can match up  the thick sots for a very cool textured yarn. Spinning Training Anne Merrow…


The Legendary Orenburg Two-Ply

    Galina Khmeleva prepares to ply in the Orenburg way, with a fine silk 2-ply on a swift and a spindle full of down singles at her feet. It’s well known that the yarns used for the famous shawls of Orenburg consist of one ply of soft goat down and one of silk. But…


Your Go-To Plying Guide

    Cat's Cradle? Nope, a cool new plying technique! I experienced the fun this summer of showing my 7-year-old grandson how my spinning wheel works. The machine sits in our living room and is a huge kid-magnet, invariably ending up with tangled drive band and jammed flyer. But this kid really wanted to know.…


Plying the Arts in Georgia

  Members of the Peachtree Handspinners Guild are able to explore a wide range of textile skills at Plying the Arts. Photo: Eric Hoar.   The members of the Peachtree Handspinners Guild (PHG) in Georgia have been celebrating the group's thirtieth anniversary with fibery camaraderie and skill-sharing. Early in the guild's history, this enthusiastic group…