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SBSW Magazine Spin-Off magazine is the best resource for anyone wanting to expand their spinning skills. In each issue, discover product reviews, projects for handspun yarn, and great advice for all types of spinners, seasoned or beginners. There are several ways to experience your favorite spinning magazine, from print issues, digital issues, and magazine collections featuring full years of Spin-Off.

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Spin + Knit Cover

Spin + Knit

Projects Features Fiber Festival Fun Welcome to the Sheep Barn by Deborah Robson Cashmere, Mohair, Pygora by Carol Huebscher Rhoades Alpacas and Llamas and Paco-Vicuñas! by Chris Switzer Under the Big Top: Spinning Striped Batts for Knitting by Jillian Moreno Book Excerpt: Yarnitecture Anything but Run of the Mill by Anne Podlesak Got Gauge? (me…

fall 2016

Spin Off FALL 2016

For a very simple tool, the spindle has so much to offer. Portability, challenge, entertainment, and productivity—all are available no matter your skill level, budget, or spinning style. It’s no wonder that our contributors had a lot to say about the subject, and I can’t wait to hear what you think. You may notice some…

Spin-Off Summer 2016 Cover

Spin-Off Summer 2016

At press time, we’re still recovering from our second Yarn Fest. We had spinners and crocheters and weavers, but it did my heart good to see spinners from all over come together for five days of camaraderie, shopping, and learning. Some are folks I’ve gathered with for nearly a decade. Among the busiest spinners I…

Spin-Off Fall 2007

Favorite Back Issues of Spin-Off

Editor’s note: Some of our readers may not know Linda Ligon by name; others may be surprised to learn that after forty years she is still a vital force in the Interweave leadership. For those in the former camp, check out “Behind the Scenes with Linda Ligon” from Spin Off Summer 2014. Linda’s name has…


Spin-Off Looks Back (and Forward)

For an editor, the nearly 40 years of Spin-Off history is both a blessing and a burden. Looking back over about 150 issues, what is there that we haven’t had something to say about already? How do we introduce new audiences to subjects of perennial interest without simply repeating ourselves? Among our readers are surely…


Spin-Off Spring 2016: Even Better On the Inside

On my first day as assistant editor of Spin-Off, one of my first tasks was to read the Spring 2016 issue. It was press day, the day when all the articles and designs are approved and sent to the printer. As a long time reader and fiber enthusiast, all I could think was, “Gosh this…

Spindles have gone topsy-turvy in the last 15 years. Photo by Joe Coca from Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont

The more things change: 15 Years in Spin-Off History

One of the joys of spinning yarn, just one, is the sense of continuity and timelessness it embodies. The fibers run through your fingers, and you can hardly help but reflect on the multitudes of spinners who have gone before you, doing just what you are doing. That’s the macro view. On a more micro…


Spin-Off Spring 2016

Is spinning an art or is it a craft? Depending on your perspective, “Arts & Crafts” could mean anything from the movement associated with William Morris to recess. Some spinners turn up their noses at art yarns; other spinners believe that spinning is inherently an art when practiced with intention. “Craft” could be a summer…