Spinning Videos

Spinning natural fibers is a gift indeed.

The Gift of Spinning: Beginning Spinning on a Wheel

I received my first spinning class as a gift. Amy Clarke Moore (former editor of Spin-Off) had known me for about a week when she offered me the spinning for beginners class with Maggie Casey that she’d won in a benefit auction. She’d been game to take it herself, years of spinning knowledge and all,…

2-01-16 video

A Traditional Spinner Goes Electric

One of the things I’ve learned over and over in my fiber life is to never say never. I was never going to weave because weaving makes cloth, which mostly needs sewing, which is not my thing. An embarrassing number of looms and one decent sewing machine later, here I am, editor of Handwoven magazine…

1-27-16 moreno pic

12 Ways to Spin Handpainted Top

Editor’s note: I’m so pleased to introduce Elizabeth Prose, the new Assistant Editor for Spin-Off and PieceWork. You may know her name, because Elizabeth has written a number of articles for Spin-Off. We’re excited to have her on the team, and you’ll be hearing from her regularly. -Anne “Is your stash run over with 4…

These CVM lambs are fine (and sweet), perfect for fine spinning.


I love to spin fine, even wool yarn–lace weight, no more than sport weight. It’s just what my hands and my wheel want to do. The trick is to have fiber that wants to do that, too. Hence my quest over the year for fine wools. So how fine is fine? Let’s talk microns (μ).…

A rainbow of mystery bobbins!

Clean Off Those Bobbins (and spin some yarn)

Cleaning my craft area was one of my holiday chores, though most of it was more fun than work. I came across old friends in my spinning fiber, handspun yarn, commercial yarn, and fabric stashes, items I’d forgotten. But as with any tidying project, there were the perplexing leftovers: samples of fiber from various classes…

Corespinning- how to!

In this video, Esther Rodgers of JazzTurtle Creations, shares how she corespins yarn.  This video also shows how she adds dangly embellishments into her yarn. 

Tips on how to purchase a raw fleece

Esther Rodgers of JazzTurtle Creations shares her tips on how to purchase a fleece while knee deep in wool at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival fleece show.  She highlights how to test fiber integrity, along with many other important factors in her decision. Happy Fleece Shopping!!

Carding Art Batts

JazzTurtle Creations shows the way she "paints" on the drum and cards super chunky art batts.  Esther uses a Louet Classic to really push the boundaries of what you can crank through the carder. Also highlighted is a way to bypass the main drum and "trap" fiber so it's not pulled out by the lickin…

Carding Art Batts by Atomicblue

Spinning….spinning…..it's all good. Though little is said about actual fiber prep. Like how the heck do you use acid dye, how do you "paint" roving. And how are those crazy art batts made? I'll show you! Using my vintage carder. It's not fancy, heck it only has a 21 TPI. Yeah, super coarse! Anything higher…