Judith recomends changing the drive band to change the way your wheel spins.

Is Your Spinning Wheel Ready for Spinzilla?

Ladies and gentlemen, start your wheels! Spinzilla registration opened on September 1st, and it is never too early to begin training. Whether you are on a team or spinning rogue, is your wheel up to the challenge? With less than a month before the competition begins, now is the time to get your spinning wheel…

Little Looms

Great Fun with Little Looms

Pattie Graver once told me that, in her opinion, there are two kinds of weavers: “color and texture weavers” and “structure and pattern weavers.” I can’t remember which she thought I’d be, but I personally identify as more of a “yarn weaver.”I love putting together a few yarns and seeing what they look like together.…


Fun with an Electric Spinning Wheel

Sarah Anderson is just one of the many spinners who has tried an electric spinner and fallen in love. Finding a new tool doesn’t mean she’s abandoned her old ones, though—read on for her thoughts on electric and human-powered spinning. As a child, I remember watching a sitcom named Get Smart. Maxwell Smart was a…


Spinzilla 2016

Stay tuned for more details on Spinzilla 2016, which will take place October 3-9, 2016! The fourth annual event will feature friendly competition and a full week of spinning fun. Spin-Off is delighted to be the Major Media Sponsor, and details about our team will be available soon.