Denise Jackson

47 years old
Great Falls, MT

My Bio

I'm an avid 4th generations spinner and weaver  and knitter of over 30. I teach both spinning and knitting. I am a Fiber Arts Judge and a Lay Minister.

I have 2 fantastic kids and a wonderful husband.

While I do not raise sheep (helping on my aunt's sheep ranch convinced me I'm not cut out to be a rancher) I do support the local economy through buying fleece. We also have a couple local woolen mills that do excellent jobs when I get behind processing.

I used to be a High School English Teacher, but am in "private practice" with my own kids - current ages 4 and 7. No, I do not home school my kids. Yes, they do know how to spin, knit, and dye (Kool-aid).

We hike and camp in the "wilds" of Montana. Yes, I've encountered a grizzly bear. No, I didn't run. Yes, the bear took one look at me and ran. No, it didn't hurt my feelings. Yes, my husband (before marriage) accidentally pepper sprayed my parents. Yes, they let him live and I married him anyway.

You can join our new group LOW-Down (Lovers of Wool) on Ravelry or our blog.

I'm currently going to grad school studying my Masters in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga. What is that? If you think of any way we communicate as humans, writing, thinking, speaking, art, advertising, etc., that is communication.


  • Dec 10, 2009
  • Classes coming up in Jan:

    I'll be teaching classes at MAWS' (Montana Association of Weavers & Spinners) Conference "Under The Rims".

    My classes include:

    Knitted Toe-Up Socks - "Beginning with the Magic Cast On, learn to knot socks from the toe up. Learn to turn heels with and without wraps, and even an easy stretch mind off. All this on a baby sock. Denise provides a pattern to adapt all this to  'real" size. Must knit and purl."

    Judging Your Handspun - "Have you ever wondered how skeins of yarn earn ribbons? Have you wanted to improve your own spinning to make your yarn and garment look and feel better? In this class, learn the basics of what Fiber Judges seek when evaluating skeins of yarn. We discuss how spinning and fiber can determine appropriate yarn usage, Denise will bring samples of handspun and garments to analyze and encourages you to bring one or two skeins of your own. All levels."


    Denise Jackson is a third generation spinner, weaver and knitter having spun for over 20 years and knit for over 35.. With her Masters degree in Teaching, she orients her classes with the student in mind, breaking down tasks into small, easily mastered parts. She has taught the learning disabled to spin, and paraplegics to knit right alongside everyone else. Denise is working through NwRSA to establish national standards for judging handspun and organized a 3-day NwRSA handspun judging class in Great Falls last year.


    Judging Handspun