Washing Wool Fibers: How to Wash Fleece to Spin

You’re ready to take the plunge—literally—into raw fiber processing, and you know that wool can felt and shrink into a matted mess. But it doesn’t have to (after all, sheep get wet without shrinking). Let our experts guide you through selecting the proper animal fiber to meet your goals, then through washing wool without fear. It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think, and it produces great results. Have fun splashing
in a basin of water. Watch wool transform from a greasy, dirty handful into a fluffy, puffy, silky mass. It’s like magic.

Happy washing and spinning!


Learn how to wash wool fleece with this free download!

Washing wool fleece: a free tutorial within

What’s inside?

Find four articles on how to choosing raw fibers and how to wash them. before spinning.

Learn how to clean sheep fleece with these free downloads

Choosing Fiber: Where to Start?

By Diane Lalomia

So many of us choose the project after the yarn is spun, especially when we’re working with just 4 ounces of fiber. But what if you want to make a sweater or another large project? What wool do you choose? If you know more about the fi ber, you can plan the project and not let the project plan you.

Learn how to clean feece to spin

Washing Wool Fleece

By Rita Buchanan & Robin Russo

I don’t know of anyone who has not experienced a problem at one time or another when washing a wool fleece. It is a process that eludes most new spinners and can even cause problems for the most proficient wool worker. Getting the fleece squeaky clean and not felting it in the process was one of my first hurdles.

Washing, or scouring, works wonders on wool. It removes the dirt, dried sweat and urine, oily grease and sticky wax, and transforms raw or greasy fleece into clean, soft, fragrant puff that’s a pleasure to process and spin. Washing also reveals the true natural color(s) of the wool, which may be different from what you expected!

Learn how to process and wash wool fleece

On Washing Fleece

By Judith Mackenzie

There are probably as many different methods of washing fleece as there are fleeces waiting to be washed! Over the years, I’ve experimented with a wide variety of methods and cleansers with varying degrees of success—and some real disasters as well

This wool washing tutorial download is an essential resource.


Learn how to clean sheep fleece with these free downloads